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Will You Marry Me – The Best Way To Do It

To an important person that you want to be with for the rest of your life and all you want is to make it out of the ordinary and memorable. You have now the spirit to finally put into action and to show to everyone how in love you are and you will do everything and waiting for the right time for you to say to her will you marry me.

You have the love of your life and you’re most likely taking the weight of your feet thinking on how should I proposed to her?

A proposal is very important, especially to woman. It’s something that should be remember and treasure forever. From the very day that you’ve met and you both get in love, marriage was all you could think about. And once you revealed the secret word the answer should be yes!

How will you say it?

Hesitant and having speech impediment, have you prepared a script. You may now wonder on how you say “will you marry me” or a shorter version such as marry me what is the right word to choose. But honestly it will be more lovely-dovey feel saying than a direct question. Propose with smooth personality, your friends and the feelings will be your drive to tell the secret!

Better to do not make a script, because we can’t count on what you want people to say. Also ask a consent to the girl’s parents first let them know as well if you want to make it a secret.

The most important part of marriage proposals is how you propose, and where you propose, and her answer yes is the most important of all.

Let’s put a twist of different ideas to make sure it’s unforgettable.
  • Create a presentation and post it on facebook, youtube or any social media site.
  • Ask her closest friends, families and relatives and serenade her with your theme song.
  •  Post an Ads or billboard with your message asking her will you marry me.
  • Bring her to church and propose to her in front of the altar.
  • Go to her house park your car in front of their gate and set your stereo in full volume played is your favorite song and propose.
  • Set a dinner with the whole family and closest friends and ask them to sing one by one and propose to her until it’s your turn to sing.
  • Create a list of at least 10-20 reasons why you’d love to marry her. Read them to her in front of a crowd.
  • Have a room reservation and set up champagne, roses on the floor and candles.
  • Set up an out of town vacation together with your friends or families and up to the last minute you backed out because of an urgent work that you need to do. And at the airport there you are waiting to her – everything for a perfect surprise proposal.
  • Bring her in a flower garden when everything is in bloom and propose.
  • Create a podcast of your proposal and secretly save it on her phone or tablet.
  • At your house create a trail of roses in the floor that leads to a circle of candles arranged around the ring.
  • Have everyone in the office to put on a T-shirt bearing the phrase “will you marry me?”
  • Hire a group of dancers and ask them to perform flash mob with cardboard on their hand printed W-I-L-L-Y-O-U-M-A-R-R-Y-M-E.
  • Buy balloons set it fly in the air with your message will you marry me?
  • Create a video send it to his father asking permission to marry his child.
  • Arrange a hunt activity for your girlfriend. Start it on the place wherein you first met and then send her on memorable places you’ve been to; for the last clue, the prize should be the ring with you on kneel down holding it.
  • Go to a romantic cruise and propose while being serenade.
  • Arrange lawn with a message will you marry me?
  • Compose an original song for her, have it recorded with a message will you marry me.
  • Create an easy game program, once she won instead of a message you win “will you marry me” will appear.
  • Bring her to a fortune teller, you need to have an agreement first with the fortune teller make him/her to tell that someone will propose to her in that day and instantly you will stand and make your proposal.

You can also ask to marry you in different languages.

·         Sal jy met my trou – Afrikaans
·         A do të martohet më – Albanian
·         Vezmeš si mě – Czech
·         Wil je met me trouwen – Dutch
·         Pakasalan mo ko – Filipino
·         Veux-tu m'épouser – French
·          Willst du mich heiraten – German
·         Èske w ap marye m ' – Gujarati
·         Za a ba da aure niHausa
·         Koj puas yuav kuv – Hmong
·         Hozzám jössz feleségül – Hungarian
·         Viltu giftast mér – Islandic
·         Ị ga-alụ m – Igbo
·         Maukah kau menikahIndonesian
·         An mbeidh tú ag pósadh liomIrish
·         Mi vuoi sposare – Italian
·         あなたは私と結婚するJapanese
·         Bakal ningkah kula – Javanese
·         ನೀವು ನನಗೆ ಮದುವೆಯಾಗಲು ಕಾಣಿಸುತ್ತದೆ – Kannada
·         អ្នកនឹងរៀបការជាមួយខ្ញុំ - Khmer
·         당신은 저와 결혼 것인가Koren
·         ທ່ານຈະແຕ່ງງານຂ້າພະເຈົ້າ - Lao
·         Numquid et vos nubere meLatin
·         Jūs precēt mani – Latvian
·         Ar Jūs Marry Me – Lithunian
·         Ќе се омажиш за менеMacedonian
·         Anda akan berkahwin dengan saya – Malay
·         Gaat jiżżewġu meMaltese
·         E marena koe ki ahau – Maori
·         आपण मला लग्न कां – Marathi
·         Та надад гэрлэх үүMongolian
·         तपाईं मलाई विवाह हुनेछ – Nepali
·         Vil du gifte deg med meg – Norwegian
·         آیا شما با من ازدواج کن – Persian
·         Wyjdziesz za mnie – Polish
·         Quer se casar comigo – Portugese
·         ਤੁਹਾਨੂੰ ਮੇਰੇ ਨਾਲ ਵਿਆਹ ਕਰੇਗਾ – Punjabi
·         Te casatoresti cu mine – Romanian
·         Ты выйдешь за меняRussian
·         Хоћеш ли се удати за мене – Serbian
·         Vezmeš si ma – Slovak
·         Bi se poročila z mano – Slovenian
·         Aad igu guursan doonaaSomali
·         ¿Quieres casarte conmigo – Spanish
·         Je, kuoa mimi – Swahili
·         Vill du gifta dig med mig – Swedish
·         நீங்கள் என்னை திருமணம் செய்து கொள்வாயா – Tamil
·         మనుషులా – Telugu
·         คุณจะแต่งงานกับฉัน – Thai
·         Bana evlenir misin – Turkish
·         Ти вийдеш за менеUkrainian
·         مجھ سے شادی کروگی – Urdu
·         Em sẽ lấy anhVietnamese
·         A wnewch chi briodi fi – Welsh
·         וועט איר חתונה מיר – Yiddish
·         Yoo o fẹ miYoruba
·         Ngicela ukuba sishade - Zulu

For the girl: Before you answer.

It is undeniable that there is large number of divorces in our society today. This fact is something that we need to consider and should take very seriously before saying I do. Think twice if you are ready enough to accept the marriage proposal, this is a forever commitment and will change your life once you accept it.

Do you know a woman that doesn’t want to be asked “will you marry me” by someone who they loved? Of course none, many of them without more ado will immediately say “yes”.  But before that it will be a good idea if we follow various guidelines that will help to make your marriage last forever.

The truth is there is no guarantee if the future of your marriage will be successful or not. However, you can use some of the guidelines that can be helpful in your decision making.

·         Did you started as friends
  •       This period of time will be excellent assistance for you to be acquainted on what type of personality your future to be.
  •       As friends you have already shared a meaningful moments together that you will be able to see your fiancé’s unusual attitudes.

·         How does he react when experiencing anger?
  •       Can he manage or not, you need to be aware of his tendencies.

·         Is he a jealousy person?
  •       Was if often and healthy.

·         How does he handle problems?
  •       Can he assess situation and pay attention to the actual issue, can he handle it fairly by keeping an open mind.

·         During fight
  •       Does he abandoned or wanted to sit and talked about it.

·         How does he treat his family specially his mom.
  •       Is he capable of treating his mom with such blatant callousness?
  •       Pay attention to his family values, this is to make sure you are compatible.

·         Open communication and planning
  •       It is better to discuss if both of you are on the same page.
  •       Must learn to contribute to common ideals and mutual goals.

·         Responsible to support financial needs
  •       Building family occupies serious economic commitments.

Marriage should not be taken for granted and this guideline is one of many factors that should be considered before getting married. Good luck and best wishes!