Apr 17, 2014

Karylle And Yael Wedding Details: Picture Of A Happy Couple

The most anticipated event for Karylle and Yael Yuzon was held Friday March 21, 2014 in a garden wedding in Tagaytay. Karylle is full of love as she finally walks down the aisle with the man she loves so much.

Karylle and Yael started as friends and they compliment each other in many things. Now that they are together there is nothing that she wanted more.

Prior to the wedding the couple appeared in one of the noon time show in ABS and shared their love story which immediately received a lot of inspiring messages from the social media site.

Karylle and Yael entourage including guest have not been required to wear motif attire. They wanted their guest to feel comfortable and wear anything they like.

Below are the full lists of their wedding entourage:

Principal sponsors
·         Allan Ballester and Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan
·         Ariel Vera and Mimie Abriam
·         Art Acuña and Elsie Amador
·         Audie Gemora and Blanca Vasquez
·         Ben Chan and Lilibeth Romero
·         Bernie Buenaseda and Kathleen Dy-Go
·         Carlo Orosa and Jean Serratore
·         Direk Bobot Vidanes and Kris Aquino
·         Eduardo Tatlonghari and Tonette de Guzman
·         Gary Valenciano and Angeli Pangilinan-Valenciano
·         German Moreno and Alice Eduardo
·         Jesmon Chua and Marge Beriña
·         Jose Mari Chan and Maribi Mapa-Garcia
·         Kim Atienza and Steffi Chiongbian
·         Martin Nievera and Rose Martinez
·         Peter Chan and Guia Yonzon
·         Ramon Chuaying and Twinky Lagdameo
·         Ricky Reyes and Lulu Sotto
·         Robin Padilla and Lorna Tolentino-Fernandez
·         Ryan Cayabyab and Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan
·         Vice Mayor Emilio Berbarabe Jr. and Dr. Vicki Belo

Best Men
·         Yan Yuzon
·         Leon Yonzon
·         Pao Valenciano

Matrons of honor
·         Dina Rivera-O’Keefe
·         Paula Boon-Sbisa
·         Trina Velilla-Milan

Maids of Honor
·         Zia Quizon
·         Coco Quizon

·         Sidney Yap
·         Gian Castro Vizcara
·         Saul Ulanday
·         JayR Sillona
·         Robin Nievera
·         Gosh Dilay
·         Tedmark Cruz
·         Niles Chong
·         Armo Armovit

·         Divine Lee
·         Kim Marvilla
·         Ysabel Yuzon
·         Gaki Azurin-Sanchez
·         Iza Calzado

Secondary Sponsors
·         Bible Bearer: Rembrandt Flores
·         Candle: Yong Larrazabal and Donna Yrastorza-Larrazabal
·         Coin Bearer: Sandro Milan
·         Cord: Gino Quillamor and Tin Gamboa
·         Flower Girls: Malaya Mateo and Solana Pangilinan
·         Ring Bearer: Koy Rivera
·         Veil: Tim Yap and Anne Curtis-Smith

Here are some of the collated photos of their wedding posted online:

Apr 15, 2013

How to choose your wedding entourage list

Now your question is how you’re going to choose your wedding entourage list and how will you know if you are assigning the right person for their roles in support to your wedding day.

Before you begin with role distribution in your family and friends let’s check first what are the task that you need to ensure so that you can assign the right person.

Primary sponsors
These are the people that usually give advice during your marriage. They will serve as your godparents, mostly the preference are the people that are close to you or someone that you can emulate as you grow old. Primary sponsors are the members of entourage that you cannot do without, it’s required. They are part of the contract signing.

Secondary sponsors
These are your cord, veil and candle sponsors.
  1. Cord sponsors.
    • The one that will unite you with the cord that symbolizes your binding as a nature of your marriage. 
  1. Veil sponsors.
    • The one that will place the veil over your head and the groom’s shoulder to show that you are simultaneously clothed as one. 
  1. Candle sponsors
    • The one that will light the candles beside you to symbolizes god’s guidance. 
 Maid of honor (Matron of honor)
She will be your assistance during your preparation on your bouquet, train, gowns and all your other needs. She can also sign in your contract as one of your witnesses.

The bridesmaids will help you get done other wedding tasks like coordinating with the suppliers, managing the bridal shower, reception venue, church venue, honeymoon destination, and many other miscellaneous tasks.

Best man
Prior to the ceremony the best man responsibilities is to organize bachelor’s party and to coordinate with groomsmen. Before the ceremony start they can be also assigned to safeguard the wedding rings.

The groomsmen will be the supporting cast to your best man in all the tasks that was assigned.

Flower girl
The main important role of your flower girl’s is to sprinkle the aisle with petals.

Ring bearer
Is a kid that will holds on to your wedding rings during the entourage procession.

Coin bearer
The arrhae symbolize for the promise of the groom to his wife and future family and the coin bearer is the one that was assigned to bring the arrhae.

Bible bearer
He holds the bible aloft during the processional. Also present during the secular ceremonies.

Jan 8, 2012

Failed Marriage Proposal AT UCLA Game

Though the proposal not good enough for her girl to say I do, I still admire the courage and his romance, not all guys can do this, I don’t know why it turned out good but I’m sure all the ladies out there that seen this clip will surely be happy to see their partner doing this on them.

Jan 7, 2012

Isaac Mizrahi Revealed His latest Marriage To Arnold Germer

Project Runway Judge Isaac Mizrahi announced his marriage to Arnold Germer last Wednesday at The Wendy Williams Show. They’ve met 10 years ago, but mutually been together for six years. They didn’t think they will get married, but since the city of New York recently make a law allowing same sex marriage, and then they decided to say I do.

It was a surprise announcement for him, talk show host and the audience made notice of it when Isaac teasingly flashing his band, what’s this a wedding ring?

Dec 28, 2011

Sinead O’Connor Ends Marriage In Just 16 Days

After 16 days Irish singer actress Sinead O’Connor enhanced the record by ending her marriage to Barry Herridge after 16 days. Their wedding held at Las Vegas and O’Connor disclosed the news on her blog and wrote that her husband felt intense pressure all throughout of the ceremony because of the conduct of a certain individuals.

Before it was Kim Kardashian who consider as the queen of short marriages, now here is another additional celebrity that ends the marriage not in 72 days but in just 16 days, and now can be consider as the new leader in celebrity club for short marriages.

Now I’m going to search for a little weed, as O’Connor mention on her blog on who’s to blame.

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