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Bianca Surprised By A Wedding Proposal In The Airport From JC

JC Intal was able to pull off an amazing shot but not in the hard court. It was a well planned proposal that made Bianca Gonzales say “Yes”. With the help of his fellow PBA player friend Doug Kramer was there to help him out.

Doug - It was a long planned by JC. He wanted to make it memorable so we helped him out.

It started with Intal giving Bianca the cold treatment, just days before Bianca was to leave for London for a two week study grant and little did she know before that 6AM flight on March 20, the biggest surprise of her life has been planned and was about to be revealed.

Doug Kramer Intal’s best friend and a former team mate in Ateneo told Intal to give Bianca cold treatment days before she leaves for London.

As a result, Bianca Gonzales went to the airport alone and leaving with a heavy heart. As she went to undergo immigrations check, until her name was called in the public address system.

“Bianca has no idea why she was recalled by the immigration,” Intal’s friends are waiting and when she arrived, one by one they gave flowers to her. But JC is not there yet, until sign from the immigration board appeared saying “Will you say Yes?”


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