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How much are fondant wedding cakes

Fondant cake is normally extra pricey and varies by type of cake the kind of baker and geographic region, and if you desire for additional complicated shapes, multi-colored, and/or sugar-flower elements, you need to extra pay for the cake designer’s time and manual labor.

Cost of wedding cake is normally depends by its class, and the variety is wide-ranging. The more complicated you desire for the wedding cake, definitely the more you’ll spend. There are several reasons that will tell the final price of a cake. Design, Flavor and amount of people to provide for are just a few.

Normally in America the average cost of a wedding cake is around $500 above and $1.50 to $10 or more per slice, while in UK average cost is £370.

If you are in a tight budget and want to save, you may try this good alternative by ordering a wedding cake good for the half of your guest, then your guests will be given half servings only or, order a small wedding cake for a price that you can easily afford.

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