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Prince William And His New Bride Kate First Official Trip To Canada Since The Wedding

Approximate 10,000 plentiful crowds, applauded uncontrollably as they walked out of the plane, with the warm reception Kate waved her hand shyly and amuse.

Newly weds Kate and her husband, Prince William arrived at blustery Ottawa this afternoon as part of their North American Tour, thousands of lively fans welcomed the couple. Sandwiched between English and French, Prince William welcomes the event with a touching speech, and Kate gives the impression of being simple as she laughs and smile to the crowd.

Prince William honored his host and said. Catherine and I are so delighted to be here in Canada. Instilled in us by our parents and grandparents, who love this country, we have been looking forward to this moment for a very long time and before we were married, we both had a longing to come here together. We are so very excited about having this opportunity to experience both and learn much more about this amazing country. Thank you so much. We are truly looking forward to this adventure.

The newly wed will go through blend of traditional appointments including their attendance to the world’s richest rodeo, legendary Calgary Stampede that will be presented with 10 gallon cowboy hats and wear western dress, tree planting and dragon boating.

Their itineraries are:

June 30-July2: Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec.
July 2: Montreal
July 3: Quebec City
July 4: Prince Edward Island
July 5: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
July 6: Calgary, Alberta
July 8: Los Angeles, United State
July10: Continuation of Los Angeles visit, then flying back to UK.

 Photos by reuters 


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