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Details of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Wedding-crash

Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez, were taking a leisurely walk alongside the beach in Malibu Saturday when they heard one of his hit song “One Less Lonely Girl” from a nearby wedding reception. He along with Gomez, did what most pop-stars most likely would not have done, wedding crashed.

Upon entering the area with his 18-year old girlfriend, Bieber took the microphone and make a sudden speech, all caught on camera, and said “We just crashed it, we heard a party so we decided to just come, so let’s party.”

Bieber and Gomez hang at the party for about 10 minutes, posing with the newlyweds and guests for photos, shaking a few hands and parting all shocked and screaming in their wake.

Newlyweds Jeanine Holguin and Rob Mccool had their dream wedding, all well planned and organize but what they never anticipated was the existent character of wedding-crasher, take part by pop sensation Justin Bieber himself.


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