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Rica Peralejo And Joe Bonifacio Wedding Highlights

Unbelievable as it may seem, you will find yourselves shedding a tear or two once you’ve seen Star Studio’s feature story of actress/host Rica Peralejo and Pastor Joseph Bonifacio’s wedding held at the beachfront of Kawayan Cove in Batangas last January 29. It’s definitely every girl’s dream wedding, not only because of its spectacular setting with lavish touches of Nantucket rustic theme but because no other couple is perfectly suited to each other than these two are. Says Pastor Steve Murell during the ceremony, “I’ve known Joe since he was three, and I can assure you, search all the 7,000 islands of the Philippines or anywhere in the world, and you won’t find a man who will take care of her, who will love her, the way he will. And as for Rica, I’ve never known anyone who has deep love for the Lord and who shares her faith so boldly and passionately.”

From their personalized book-inspired wedding cake up to the little cards with trivia that were placed on the reception tables, it was obvious that every detail of this momentous event is touched by the great love between Rica and Joe. “Rica and I go a long way. We’ve been friends for 10 years already. We weren’t always in constant contact during those 10 years. We only started talking to each other when I dreamt of her getting married. I called her and told her about it. And mind you, the dream didn’t happen just once. I was constantly dreaming about it. So it became a running joke between us that maybe that wedding will just stay in my dreams since she didn’t have a boyfriend during that time. A few months after more of those dreams, Rica got together with Joe. Then 10 months after that, they got engaged. Immediately Rica called me and requested for a meeting to officially start the wedding planning,” shares Rica’s good friend/wedding coordinator Teena Barretto, who spent almost seven months preparing the whole thing. 

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