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Philippine marriage divorce law to legalize or not

Philippines are one of the most countries that considered marriage as sacred.
So far the only nation in Asia that does not allow authorized divorce.

Recently a divorce bill was proposed by a party-list named Gabriela, This revived the debate on the issue of divorce. The faction believed that not all weddings lead to blissful marriages, and a number of unsuccessful.
According to Philippine National Police reports in 2009 shows 6,873 records of violence and abuse against women reportedly involved wife battery and 1,933 cases for marital violence.

Social Weather Stations conducted a survey from Marcy 4-7 that 50% of adult Filipinos agree to have divorce in the Philippines be legalized, while 33% disagree.

Do we really need divorce in the Philippines? Can this resolve the real issue of our society?
Or this will just be another predicament that may possibly face in the future.


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